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Hi Codeforces,

I once again ask for your support

Here is my story before coming to question:

As you can see in my graph that my rating was increasing slowly and steadily and I was very happy with that but at the same time the pressure was building up that if I messed up any one of three problems I solve in the contest my rating is gonna fall. And in the last contest, this finally happened. I messed up on 1627A - Not Shading (yup at the very start) where instead of reading the statement properly I directly jumped on implementation. And implement something completely different (also a bit difficult) which took me about 35 minutes (Yes, I know even in that 35 mins I didn't realize my mistake). After realizing my mistake I started panicking and took another 10 mins to implement problem A. At this point, I was about 1 hour into the contest and haven't submitted a single solution but still decided to submit my solution A and officially participated in the contest (I don't know why). As I was about 7K below my usual rank my brain overloaded and fu*ked me over completely. I was not able to solve 1627B - Not Sitting or 1627C - Not Assigning and got completely annihilated in the contest. Now after the contest I was able to solve both of them easily (I mean equal to the amount of effort it takes me usually).

So, How you guys able to overcome this pressure and continuously perform equal to your level?

I also wanted to my story because I don't have friends who are interested in CP.

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My suggestion would be, forget about your rating during the contest. And do not look into the standings, until you have solved at least x problem such that you feel satisfied according to your level.

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    And here is me.

    Solved A, immediately proceeds towards standing.

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Don't worry. Don't pay attention too much for your ranking. If you lost rating in this contest, you will get it back in the next contest. What did your "failure" gave you? An opportunity to learn! Make sure to use it! Why you fail at this contest? What can you do better on next contests? Ask yourself those questions and you became better contestant.

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  1. forget about your rating, what you need are ONLY INTERESTING problems.
  2. read statements of a problem.
  3. read statements again.
  4. read samples.
  5. read statements of the problem.
  6. do you understand the samples?
  7. create a solution in your head.
  8. implement the solution.
  9. go to the next problem, repeat.
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You don't. Just get better to the point that your worst is better than your past best.

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It's ok to bomb occasionally in contests ,I guess. Because this specific contest result does not reflect your true potential and your true rating. If you do not go out of practice you will regain your old rating and even improve within 2-3 contests.