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Hello Codeforces!

The final semester starts this week! As usual, the live lectures will be on Twitch on Fridays at 18:00 MSK, and the recorded videos will be on Youtube.

Topics of the fourth semester:

  • Matchings
    • Bipartite Matching
    • Non-bipartite Matching (blossoms)
    • Assignment Problem
  • Network Flows
    • Maximal Flow
    • Minimal Cost Flow
    • Skew-Symmetric Flows
  • Linear Programming
  • Fast Fourier Transformation
  • Plus something more :)

See you!

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All The best ^_^

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I loved the previous semester (S03) since I attended all the lectures live. Live lectures are always the best. Hopefully I will attend all the lectures live this time too. Your lecture content and quality are unparalleled and to me your lectures are the best available on the internet. It also hurts to know that this would be the last semester for A&DS English Course :") Love you and hope you love us (your unofficial students) too.

CatForces is also requesting you to post home-tasks every week this time if possible. Thank you, Pavel Mavrin. ^_^

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Thank you for your effort!