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By fairy_lettuce, 10 months ago, In English

I joined Educational Codeforces Round 103. It should be rated for me because I turned into Candidate Master from Master before the Educational Round (CF Round #698, Div. 1), but it seems rating changes for participants like me have not yet come!

Similar things also happened in Educational Codeforces Round 102, the last contest, and I was also a victim of strange rating changes. I gained some rating on Codeforces Round #695 (Div. 2) and became Master. Educational Round 102 should have been unrated for me, but I was rated and lost a little rating after that!

In both contests, some other participants were also confused about their being rated/unrated (like this or this), so it's not something that happened only to me. Joining an unrated contest supposing it's rated (or vice versa) is really, really exhausting. It's so unreasonable, unfair, and irrational!

So please MikeMirzayanov, please look into these and fix it. Thank you.

UPD: These were all fixed now. Though my rating before Educational Round 103 was recalculated as 2103, it remained rated for me, what a surprise. Huge thanks to Mike!

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