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By fictional-octo-barnacle, 2 months ago, In English

As the CodeChef long just ended and I was stuck on one of the problems for very long, I started searching for editorial, and this is when I came across this Online group . These people have a website for cheating. I mean, they are going to this extent just to cheat. How could they sleep with dignity after cheating in a contest like long, which is intended mainly for programmers' learning?

I was very disappointed with my performance as I could only solve 5 problems in the long challenge, and my rank was 1000+. Some so many people solved all the problems, and I blamed myself for not being good enough. But after seeing this, I am happy that at least I don't cheat, and this honesty with which I was trying to solve the problem will help me in future.

Shame on you guys. Those who justify all this by saying you participate in contests for learning and not for rating and rank and it does not matter to you, then don't cheat during the contest. Come on, guys, at least don't lie to yourself. I really thought that the more people join the CP community, the more it will grow, and we'll have better and better programmers, but if this is what it will be like, please stop participating. If you are going to cheat, then don't even bother taking part. You are just degrading the standard of the community, the standard of the contest and, believe me, or not, harming yourself with it.

I'm very sorry for this blog, but this was too much. The way they were asking for solutions was shameful. And the worst part of it is most of them were Indians, from my own country. Shame on you guys. If you are one of the people who cheat in contests, just look in the mirror and see how bad your self-respect has fallen.

I have attached some screenshots from the group.

If you know who is the person behind this website or those who cheat, just tag them here. They should feel ashamed about their acts. I know public shaming is not an appropriate way, but this is too much. They should be stopped.

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By fictional-octo-barnacle, history, 17 months ago, In English

Not many colleges from India conduct contests on Codeforces. From my knowledge, I can only think of IIIT Hyderabad and IIT BHU (If I'm missing any college then pardon me). Another thing which concerns me that why colleges like IIT Roorkee, IIT Indore and IIT Delhi do not host their contests on Codeforces, but that is not what this blog is about.

I think I'm not the only one who feels that these colleges (who conduct contests on Codeforces) are downgrading their contests and I don't understand why is this happening!!!

ICM Technex 2017, 2018 of IIT BHU was Div 1+2, but in 2019, it was conducted on Codechef and became unrated for some reason. This year too, the contest was conducted on Codechef (Though it went smoothly this time).

Also Codecraft-17,-18 of IIIT Hyderabad were Div 1+2 combined but in 2019 it was Div2 and again this year it is a Div2 contest. When asked about it, one of the members from Codecraft-20 replied (shaanknight): "Honestly, we intended to make a Div 1 + Div 2 round when we started, but we just had 2 problem ideas for the Div1 exclusive problems , which didn't seem to be interesting enough , hence we left the plan of combined round and rather focused on arranging a good Div-2 only round . We hope people find the current set of problems interesting."

India has a lot of participation on Codeforces platform according to a blog by MikeMirzyanov. All the colleges I mentioned have a lot of good competitive programmers and yet, the quality and quantity of college contests are not up to the mark.

I am also a college student and though I have never done problem-setting on Codeforces, I'm quite enthusiastic about it. So, can people from the problem-setting teams of such colleges explain what sort of issues they face? Also, can people who have hosted contests on Codeforces address the issues faced by those problem setters and share their experience?. I am specially mentioning Bhj2001 and shaanknight (so that this blog reaches to you) and request you to share the problems you faced while hosting a college contest. Also, it is a great opportunity for people from other colleges to learn from their experiences.

I also wanted to know if there are people like me who are interested to host a contest on Codeforces and don't have a team of their own so that we can host a contest together on Codeforces.

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