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Community Based Plagiarism Identification.

LINK Hello Codeforces,

We all know that identifying plagiarism on coding platforms is a big issue, and no matter how great the plagiarism detection software is, this process needs some manual filtering.

So, i came up with an idea, to allow community to keep itself clean.

Now, normal users can report cases of plagiarism here

It will be manually verified by 20-30 high rated and reputed people. If the majority agrees that the codes are plagiarised, we will mark that report as positive.

For each postive report, we are keeping track of users who have been accused of plagiarism, and we make a leaderboard out of it. Watch the leaderboard

This is not the perfect way to get rid of cheaters, but we can get rid of those at least, who cheat to get top ranks.

So, Please go ahead and report the people who you think are cheating !

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