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By hatessomeonewhocheats, history, 3 months ago, In English

Here is the good news , again this fucking loser ambarsariya cheated. God this guy is unstoppable. He is just poison for cp community.

Leaked code of C: https://ideone.com/NMPWQJ

His code of C: https://codeforces.com/contest/1539/submission/120081518

Leaked code of D: https://ideone.com/JoxG94

His code of D: https://codeforces.com/contest/1539/submission/120105206

This guy is literally cheating in each contest. Even lots of blog has been written on him in past. But sadly no change. MikeMirzayanov please plagiarize this guy . He cleverly escapes plag.

Edit: For his friends who are supporting and saying he never cheated. Lol.

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By hatessomeonewhocheats, 4 months ago, In English

Edit: This guy again cheated in yesterday's codeforces contest too. Man, this guy is totally shameless. MikeMirzayanov please ban this guy. He is very toxic for cp community. U can't fool people by just copying the code from telegram and obfuscating it to prevent plag. Man , u leave cp. U are just ruining the spirit of cp. Proof: https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/91433

Source from where he copied: https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/91433?#comment-799847

And this guy even cheated in his last codeforces contest and escaped plag . Have a look at both solution 117247731 , 117243132. After removing the template and useless variable name ,his code looks like this

which totally match with code 117243132 .

This ambarsariya guy bragged about his achievement on linkedin about getting an all India rank 19 in round 1.This guy didn't even felt guilty to do it. He doesn't even know that he will not get anything by showing off in linkedin without even putting any effort.

A request to everyone carefully go through all the proofs. Then decide urself whether he is a cheater or not. And if has guts he will come and prove himself that he didn't cheat. Else the whole community will know that u have cheated.

Here is the proof:

His code:

Leaked code:

Leaked code source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E01M-yHuKg0

His name was there in a cf blog where a guy shared the list of all cheaters in round 1.

Now the irony is this guy failed to even a solve single question in round 2. And have u seen a case where the person gets all india rank 19 in round 1 and fails to solve even a single ques in round 2.This was due to the fact that he was unable to get the solution during round 2 , but got the solution in round 1 since solutions were leaked. Proof:https://i.imgur.com/GBW6jbh.png

Now some more proofs which will tell that he is a cheater:

his solution was skipped in codeforces round.

See this both submissions: 102858912 , 102831275 . Also , honestly speaking it's almost impossible for a guy who is specialist to solve 2100 rated problem in a contest.

MikeMirzayanov Please have a look and plagiarize this guy submission.

Edit: This guy is also a youtuber and he is constantly deleting comments of him getting exposed. There are lot other youtubers who are doing the great job such as Priyansh31dec , Errichto , striver_79 , kazama460 many more. We don't need people like him who bragg on linkedin after cheating .

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By hatessomeonewhocheats, history, 4 months ago, In English

This guy ambarsariya clearly cheated in ques d of today's contest.

His Submission 117247731 Another Same submission 117243132

Now u can clearly see that this guy ambarsariya tried his best to beat the moss by using vectors instead of array and used different modadd function to do the same thing, else the whole code matches .

I request MikeMirzayanov and whole cf community to clearly see the both solution and judge yourself whether I am right or wrong. Before downvoting the blog or calling me hater just check both the submission carefully.

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