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If you are a girl

Don't get too much contest rating

It's necessary to make your rating less than 1600. If your rating are too high, for example, you are a master and your boyfriend is an expert, then maybe he will be frightened by the problems in Div.1, then you won't have common language, and the relationship between you will start to deteriorate。

And if you are an expert, your boyfriend is a master, then he will help you on solving problems, and if you become candidate master or higher, he will be proud. But remember not to get too much contest rating.

Solve problems or do other things together

Besides contests, you can also join virtual contests in team or solve other problems. But you can't only focus on problems. In your rest time, you could talk about other things of your daily life, and that will make you know each other better.

If possible, you can even phone each other from time to time.

Value your boyfriend

remember his birthday, and give him birthday wishes.

When he is sad, tell him you are here.

Remind your boyfriend to value you too.

If you are a boy

If you are a boy, it won't be too difficult, just do as the picture below.

In English: You are already a big boy. You should learn to draw a clean eye liner, trim a pair of clean eyebrows, spray some clean and delicious perfume, and compete for men at this great age with girls.

The last thing

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