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Hi, I'm a contestant of 2019 Bangkok Regional contest, which have just finished the practice session today.

During the practice session my teammates found some strange behavior of the judging system. Below are the list of issues we found.

  • The order of the problems on the scoreboard was randomized and there's no problem number on it, thus neither the contestant nor the coach could know the real order. For example, the problem order on the scoreboard in the practice session was actually CAB.
  • CE code submissions were judged as RE, which contributed to the penalty. (The judge replies that it might be fixed though.)
  • The sample testcase of problem B in practice session was wrong, and when asked the judge responded "read the problem statement".
  • The input description of problem C said that the string Y would be given in reverse, while it's not.
  • Some team asked about the stack size, and the judge replied that they can't let us know.

This is our first year participating in ICPC contests, so I don't know whether this is common >///<.

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