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Hi Everyone, i have been seeing this for some days now on codeforces. In yesterday's educational round, I submitted problem D with solution. Later I realized that it takes minimum 5040*5040*60 operations in worst case. After contest, i tried hacking my solution but it passed successfully. Also I think testcase 20 is having same worst case input (all 0's and last rows last element if say 1), but it passes there in 732 ms. In my local env it takes more than 4s for this to pass.

Also in CF#534, I tried hacking this O(n^2) solution, which was doing more than 10^9 operation on worst case (ababa....aa..bababababa string). But it passed in 640 ms. From my understanding it takes 1s for approx 10^8 operations.

Has codeforces upgraded there testing servers or I am missing something here?

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By imposter_syndrome, history, 4 years ago, In English

Hello folks! I am new to codeforces and this was my first problem. I was trying powerful arrays problem.

I used MO's algorithm to solve it.

My first approach was this ****

But this got TLE on test case 43. Now when I made a different function checkAns(); in my next submission , it got AC..

All I changed was I put




this part of my code in a separate function checkAns(i); I am not getting how this got AC if earlier one was getting TLE. Also isn't function call increases time taken?? Please mention if there is something different on codeforces' platform.

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT:: I submitted different forms of my code for around 20 times in this question. What I saw is that time taken in this question changes abruptly even on subtle changes in code.

For example I changed ll to int in code for some arrays and numbers except answer and ans[N] and it got AC.

When I was doing it, I removed #include <bits/stdc++.h> from my code and time reduced to 2240 from 3630 ms. I think it takes pretty neat and to the point code at Codeforces otherwise these things shouldn't matter.

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