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By kerolloz, history, 3 weeks ago, In English,

I have been trying to solve Div2-767-A!
But every time I try to submit my solution it doesn't even pass the sample test cases -_- "WA on test 1".
My code doesn't print the last number of the output however it works fine when I tried it.
I tried my code on my PC it works properly, but I don't know what's the problem when I try to submit it.
Here is my submission link: submission .
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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By kerolloz, history, 5 weeks ago, In English,

Hello everybody :D

I have been working on a private project that I want to announce and make public. This project was very helpful for me as a codeforces user to ease the process of practicing and solving problems. It's a problem parser program that runs on Linux. It's easy to use you can try it yourself.

All your contributions to the project are welcomed ^_^

Let me know how do you think about it ;)

You can find it here on GitHub: codeforcify

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