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By khiro, history, 13 months ago, In English

Hi everyone

I created a simple telegram bot "CP algorithm finder bot" to improve the CP programming community

The bot has the following features

  • Search(/search) — By keyword or by some tag you can quickly find the desired algorithm, this will allow the contestant to find the desired algorithm quickly, since in contests the time for which you wrote the code is very important

  • Algorithms(/algorithms) — This is a library of algorithms that currently stores more than 50 algorithms, and all algorithms are made in the form of links for convenience.

Another advantage of the bot is that almost all the algorithms in the codes are written in the form of structures, classes and methods, which allows the participant to immediately create a class with the desired size, and not understand the sizes of arrays and different defines, etc.

Link to the bot:

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By khiro, history, 2 years ago, In English

Hello Codeforces

Nowadays I am preparing for ACM-ICPC regional finals, I became master 2 months ago, but I think its by luck, because I have solved a lot of problems(almost 2500) and I know typical problems, therefore I solve them very fast(speedforces), because I have experience with them.

What I want to know how to go further, I think its hardest level to become red coder from master, what strategy should I use, I have seen a lot of people who stuck at orange for many years and some people who are becoming red coder from orange in 6 months.

I have set up my target as becoming International Master till Regional Finals(April 2021) and I believe in the last 2 years of my study I will go to ICPC Finals

Thank you, GL & HF

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By khiro, history, 3 years ago, translation, In English

Hello everyone!

During quarantine, I see that the number of participants in the contests has increased and most of them are green and gray colored participants. I decided to record my contests on video and I think there are people here who will be interested to watch this format.

My maximum rating was a candidate master, and usually I write 2 out of 3 contests and solve an average of 3-4 problems in Div2 contests. If you are interested you can find my channel by this link

Stay safe!

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