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By kyuridenamida, 9 years ago, In English

Hello. Do you know the Fairfield's congruence?

Firstly, if m is 1 or 2, compute y=y-1,m=m+12. Then calculating this formula, you can get the number of days between an arbitrary date and 01/01/0001.

In Japan, this formula is known as the Fairfield's congruence, but I have never seen the foreign people who have been talking about it.

It is mentioned in only the Japanese Wikipedia's page of "Zeller's congruence" below.

Do you know who Fairfield is? I don't know.

Do you know a famous formula like the Fairfield's congruence?

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By kyuridenamida, 13 years ago, In English
82kyuridenamida2960+4 / -147400:1391200:22122400:46-1
As a result , my rate about 100 increased!! I reached to div1!

By the way ... I committed a serious mistake in problem D ;(

I set program to output -1 in n=2 case.
But, the program didn't exit program after that.

So, I got WA.


*Methods to solve

[A] I only used the Python:)
 Actually, input is "positive integer". <- damn!

[B] Simulation. I only did.

[C] I made tree with using <map> and <set>
do counting folder and files that starts at all one-depth folders , and get maximum.

[D] Look at the method image(n=5) I did this method , and used the bigInteger.  
This method is not effective.
[E]  Unread.


I succeeded 4 hacks. (Problem D Case: n=2)

Sorry my bad English.

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