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By leduythuc, history, 16 months ago, In English

Hi, I created a private group, and then I create a domain for this group (follow by this blog of Mike https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/51787)

I added a mashup contest to the group and set "Allow view other submissions to:" with "anyone":

I can view other submissions by the link https://codeforces.com/group/GROUP_ID/contest/CONTEST_ID/submission/SUBMISSION_ID

But if I use domain link (like domain.contest.codeforces.com) to enter the group, I cannot view the submissions of other users (it say "You are not allowed to view the requested page" when I use the link: https://GROUP_DOMAIN.contest.codeforces.com/group/GROUP_ID/contest/CONTEST_ID/submission/SUBMISSION_ID).

It's fine if you have a codeforces account (just don't use the domain link), but the problem is I created some domain accounts, and they cannot view the submissions (since the group is private and they cannot enter the group unless I invite them to join the group, which is not what I want)

Is it a bug or I did something wrong?


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By leduythuc, history, 17 months ago, In English

Hi, I created some mashup contests via polygon link about 2 weeks ago, everything is right at that moment.

But in the past 2-3 days, especially while codeforces having a contest, my mashups seem to be failed (right now it's failed). It said "Can't read or parse problem description" when I enter a problem. At the dashboard page of the contest, I noticed this:  .

But after few hours, everything turned back to normal.

For more details:

I have done:

  • Create a package

  • Give access to 'codeforces' account in polygon


But seems like it doesn't work.

Have I done something wrong? MikeMirzayanov Could you take a look?

Thanks, sorry for my poor English.

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