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By makagonov, 11 years ago, translation, In English
Hello to all! I wrote TopCoder SRM 492 under openSuse 11.3 (Gnome) and met the following bug quite frequently:
frames are not displayed correctly. For instance, if I press "Challenge" button, there is nothing in the appeared window (neither buttons, nor textfields). Such a bug can also be met with summary, view source code, login and other windows. It appears not always, but, nevertheless, it is quite annoying :D Turning off visual effects did not help.

And more, I use eclipseCoder plugin, and one of the features of this plugin is that Arena's process is encapsulated into eclipse process (if you close eclipse, arena will be closed as well). I met the following problem under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Gnome): when I close a window from arena (message box, summary, and etc.), the window closes (it's ok), but arena and eclipse close as well. Running eclipse under root privileges did not help. The problem with frames (described above) is met under Ubuntu too, but none of these is met under Windows.

Maybe somebody met these problems, or someone has any ideas for their elimination??? Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is the screenshot of challenge window:

And room summary:

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