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As we know there are quite a lot of websites like Codechef, Codeforces and many more to practice Competitive Coding, sometimes Coders can’t keep a track of all the contests hosted by these websites and may miss a few. To avoid this we have built a Chrome Browser Extension named Kontest-Reminder, to never let any coder forget or miss any Coding contest.

Kontest-Reminder supports the following websites:

1. CodeChef
2. CodeForces
3. HackerEarth
4. HackerRank
5. TopCoder
6. AtCoder
7. Google KickStart
8. Leetcode

Users can Subscribe/Unsubscribe to any website for updates. Kontest-Reminder shows contests in 3 sections Ongoing Contests, Contests in 24 hours and Upcoming Contests. The dashboard provides a one-click solution to visit the Contest Page for more details and add the contest to the user’s Google Calendar beforehand.

The most important feature of Kontest-Reminder is that it can also set an alarm i.e. if a user sets an alarm for a contest the contest page will open up 1 minute before the contest starts in a new tab inside Chrome Browser. We have built this extension using ReactJs, Javascript, localforage (indexed DB) and used APIs provided by KONTESTS. We are working on making our APIs and server. We do not take any information from the user. We hope that this extension will be useful to all the Competitive Coders out there and help them have a smooth journey to develop their Competitive Coding skills.

All the best for upcoming endeavours.

Github link :

Download link (Chrome) :

Now available on Firefox!

Download link (Firefox) :

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