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Tasks: https://ioi2022.id/tasks/

Ranking: https://ranking.ioi2022.id/

Day 2 Live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm5Nv81P5u8&feature=youtu.be

You can solve all Day 2 tasks here: https://oj.uz/problems/source/616

In case you want to solve it in 5 hours with CMS page (unofficial mirror), you can try here: https://oj.uz/contest/view/IOI2022DAY2

Also, you will be able to solve it on Codeforces archive (https://ioi.contest.codeforces.com/) soon.

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Since nobody posted this...

Tasks are here: https://ioi2021.sg/ioi-2021-tasks/

You can solve all Day 2 tasks here: https://oj.uz/problems/source/577

In case you want to solve it in 5 hours, you can try here: https://oj.uz/contest/view/IOI2021DAY2

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Hi, experimentally, this year, we decided to open an unofficial mirror for IOI 2021, because there is no official mirror this year.

We created a separate post for the mirror in order to avoid spoilers. Please don't spoil the tasks here and discuss the tasks in these posts instead: Day 1, Day 2

Note that you can solve the problems without participating: https://oj.uz/problems/source/575

UPD: It's over, thanks for participating. Scoreboard



  • Programming language: C++17 (GCC 10, Ubuntu)
  • Duration: 5 hours whenever you want
  • You can start the contest until Jun 30, 2021, 02:59:59 PM UTC (subject to change)
  • Contest System: It almost looks like CMS. Unfortunately, only English and Korean UI are available.
  • All official task translations are available.
  • Scoring rule: Use the sum over each subtask of the best result for that subtask across all submissions (IOI 2017-)
  • Scoreboard is not available during the contest window, maybe we will publish them after the contest is over.

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UPD Aug/23/2019 05:59:46 UTC: You are not allowed to use C11.

UPD Aug/24/2019 07:41:50 UTC: Your score on each task is computed as the same way as IOI 2019 (use sum of best subtasks)

UPD Aug/27/2019 01:48:35 UTC: Each member of the team can use their own computer (just like in IPSCs)

UPD Aug/29/2019 12:56:37 UTC: Practice contest starts at Aug 30th 10:00:00 (UTC).

UPD Aug/30/2019 10:37:19 UTC: Practice contest began at 10 am: Link Scoreboard

UPD Sep/01/2019 06:21:19 UTC: Maincontest began at 4 AM UTC: Link Scoreboard

UPD Sep/01/2019 09:39:18 UTC: The contest is over, thanks for participating! Problemset link

2019 FunctionCup will be held on September 1st!

2019 FunctionCup Logo

FunctionCup is an annual contest written by Cauchy_Function, and is famous in South Korea for having innovative and quality problems. Some of the problems were proposed in last year's GP of Korea. (example here, example there)

Registration is available right now, and will close 5 minutes before the contest starts. Visit the URL for details.

There will be a practice contest to make you familiar with the contest system. Go to the link for details.

There are prizes for people who live in South Korea. This is because we don't afford to pay transportation cost outside of South Korea, so sorry for that.

You can solve previous year's problems here and there, although they are not translated in English.

We invite everyone to join in the contest. After the contest, you will be able to solve all problems in oj.uz.

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