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Hello all,

I was recently intrigued by this account — Ali_Pi because of the notorious similarity of username with this account — Ali.Pi..

A short note on Ali.Pi — he has copy pasted thousands of problems' codes in the practice section, and climbed to the top of standings page [ LINK ] sometime last year. He had even beat the chinese bots to climb to the top! Talk about being jobless. He used to do virtual contests on every random contest — and copy past every problem's code and be #1 when you open the standing page. For what joy? We will have to ask him for the answer.

Coming back to the Ali_Pi account — his recent contest on CF — Codeforces Round #500 (Div. 1) based on EJOI — he had solved three problems — [ Submission for problem A ] [ Submission for problem B ] [ Submission for problem C ] .. Notice something weird? YES!, The ali++; lines that have been randomly added everywhere in each of his solutions. I was pretty sure he was doing this to escape the plagiarism detectors. So who did he copy this from?

Hello there, ckodser! Lets check his codes for the same three problems he had solved in the same round — [ Submission for problem A ] [ Submission for problem B ] [ Submission for problem C ] .. Did you notice it? Yes, the exact same code that Ali_Pi has submitted for the contest, minus the ali++; lines.

Submissions times during the contest:

Problem A : ckodser 00:15 Ali_Pi 00:16

Problem B : ckodser 00:25 Ali_Pi 00:27

Problem C : ckodser 00:58 Ali_Pi 01:01

The audacity to claim that the contest became a "typing contest" — a term used by CF participants to express that a contest had extremely easy and extremely hard problems and no intermediate ones — is baffling. Here's the link to his comment: LINK

**HELLO! ** .Ali.! Looks like you're another Ali_Pi account. Your submissions for A, B and C are again the same as ckodser, except that he has added "fu+=2;" lines to each of his Accepted submissions.

I tried checking out the various contests attended by Ali_Pi and every single one of his "Accepted" submissions during live contests have these "ali++;" lines. Further cementing my claim that he's one big cheat.

Cheating during contests is something that has been happening on CF, but on such a huge magnitude — a person almost achieving Grandmaster status through cheating is hard to believe.

Requesting the Codeforces community and MikeMirzayanov to act upon this and remove such cheats from this site.

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