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Dear coders,

The Techkriti team presents the 2012 edition of IOPC, the annual International Online Programming Contest of IIT Kanpur. The event is title sponsored by Google. IBM is the prize partner for the event and Codechef the programming partner. This 24 hour long contest will have you competing with some of the best coders in the world in solving very challenging problems of an algorithmic nature. There will be total prizes worth Rs. 80,000 as well.

IOPC 2012 will be held from 1200 hrs on January 14 to 1200 hrs on January 15 (IST). Teams of upto 3 members can participate in the contest. The contest is open to all - however, to be eligible for prizes, the teams need to be comprised of students who are currently registered in some university only. It is not necessary that all students be from the same university.

IOPC 2012 will be hosted on Directi's Codechef platform (Link to the contest page).

To participate in the contest, teams need to register on Codechef before the start of the contest. To be eligible for prizes, teams and members have to register on the IOPC page as well.

The last year's contest link can be found here . Visit the Codechef contest page and the IOPC site for rules and more details.

* Utkarsh Lath (utkarshl)
* Pratik Moona (pratikmoona)
* Raziman T V (razimantv)
* Ankit Mahato

Contact: iopc2011@gmail.com

Important Notes
* Team registration needs to be done on the Codechef site bparticipate the contest. Even if the members of the team have individual Codechef IDs, a new team has to be registered for the contest here. Update: The registrations will be open even after the contest starts
* The event is part of Techkriti 2012. Prize dispatch will be done along with prizes for other events of Techkriti, and can be expected to arrive in two to three months.

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