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By scaler_truth_ib, history, 3 months ago, In English,

I will not disclose who I am. Simple reason is we are normal middle class people who fear these people, they might screw us since they are powerful.

I belong to the May batch, am from a mediocre college. We had webinars, "dare to dream" sessions and much before enrolling in the course, not even a single day they did mention that you are here to learn, it was all about REFERRALS and REFERRALS. I was not a very good coder(5* at CC and 1550+ at CF), but I was good enough to crack the questions that Indian companies asked in the interviews. The only problem was our college did not have tech giants visiting. I enrolled, and we were assured that the referrals will start from September. After a month of the course, they attached a condition that you need to have problem solving percentage > 70% to appear for referrals. I did not want to miss this golden opportunity and used to solve the problems on a weekly basis and always had my % > 80. I approached them in September, they said referrals would start from December. We waited, on asking our point of contact, they had a reason ready every day. They said our attendance % is low, I increased it by playing all the videos on multiple tabs(I had no option, as this clause was not mentioned during the start). Then they started stating you have very less mentor sessions. I started doing them regularly and had the count up. I used to come across posts on linkedin, where "XYZ" companies were hiring, and asked my POC to manage me a referral, but after maintaining my %, attendance, and mentor sessions, these people did not reply to my texts. I ended up landing a job on my own and was very happu, within 1 week of it, I got a call from these people at Scaler asking me to write a testimonial. I denied at the first instance, then they started forcing me to write one for them. I did not want to mess with them, being a new grad. They posted it everywhere misleading people on how they help people to land a job. There was a lot of criticism few days over social media for Scaler, to which they released a video. The video has no mention of referrals, and speaks exactly opposite to what and their on-boarding webinars at youtube speaks of. Almost everyone of May batch is disappointed baring 20% of people who used to lick. They released a video after the criticism was done everywhere some days back,in that youtube video, a lot of comments were made, asking about referral stats, on how many were given to "FAANG", each of the comment in youtube that asked questions were deleted. For how long will people keep earning money playing with student's innocence. I urge my juniors not to get into this trap, it seems easy initially, because it's free, but once you start paying the EMI, it hurts as you never took any help, and despite that you are paying every month around 15-20K. 15% of your salary for two years is too much, udemy, coursera and many other offers courses at a very less amount. Practice from Leetcode, use geeksforgeeks and many other options are there.

To Scaler: Come out with referral stats, stop talking about "never-heard_name" company referrals, talk about "FAANG" stats as your webiste is filled with that, stop deleting comments, stop posting fake testimonials, stop misleading people.

Please spread the word.

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