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Hello, I am a beginner coder. I have suspected a bug in the problem 59A :

Your code here... word=input("") count1=0 count2=0

for i in word: if(i.islower()): count1=count1+1 elif(i.isupper()): count2=count2+1

if count1 == count2: print(word.lower())

elif word.isupper(): print(word.upper())

elif count1 <= 1: print(word.upper())

elif count1 > 1 and i.islower(): print(word.lower())

then it says:







Checker Log

wrong answer 1st words differ — expected: 'KSXBXWPEBH', found: 'ksxbxwpebh'

tried it all, also checked the code in a cmd, no issues there but a bug here, I would like this to be fixed so I may submit my code again and get it right.

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