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By shefin.cse16, 3 months ago, In English

I was solving the problem 185B/186D. Then I encountered a weird issue. I got WA on test $$$8$$$ in this submission: 123642519. But, when I made the solve function inline, it passed test $$$8$$$ (though it got WA on test $$$31$$$): 123642504.

In test $$$8$$$, the submission without inlined solve function prints 2.712800440549510 6.287199559450490 0.000000000000000 as output. On the other hand, the submission with inlined solve function prints 2.700961045920403 6.299038954079596 0.000000000000000 as output. So, the outputs have significant precision differences.

My question is, how the inlined function has an impact on precision? It will be very helpful if anybody gives an insight.

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