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By shervin, history, 6 years ago, In English

i am just curious, i want to know if we have a bool like X, and if we want to check if it is 0, which if statement is more efficient This->if(!X) or This->if(x^1).(i checked the asm code and the codes were not the same so i think they defer from one another.)

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By shervin, 6 years ago, In English

Hi all,
last night after the contest i wanted to solve some problems from the problemset but after fooling around for a few minutes i decided to check the problemset standings, and i saw those vjudge1 to vjudge5 guys. they all are from china and have never participated in any contests( they are unrated ) but all of them have solved over 2000 problems!!!! i wanted to ask: ( just out of curiosity ) who are these guys?

sorry for my bad english,
Shervin Sorori

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