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By shivamsinghal1012, 7 weeks ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

I hope all are doing well.

We ( Team Codedigger ) are happy to announce that we are starting a new type of contest i.e. Short Codes (in terms of characters present in your code).

The first short codes contest is on [contest_time:320440]. To participate Register Here or join our Codeforces Group. Registration will start 6 hrs before the contest. There will be 5 Problems to solve in 2hr duration.

Rules are Simple — You have to write the smallest possible code for each Problems. In other words, instead of time penalty, now penalty will be based on your code length (number of characters in your code excluding whitespace, newline and tabs). You have to solve problems as usual contest but ranking in our standing ( will be based on how short your code is?.

For a fair contest, language accepted are GNU GCC C11, GNU G++11, GNU G++14, GNU G++17. AC Submission in other language will not count as AC for our standings. View Sample Standing here. Two Demo Standings are available here based on previous codedigger contests and last standing will be live once contest started.

Two points we are improving on —

  1. Instead of counting number of characters, we should count number of tokens in the program and exclude comments while calculating penalty, this will give freedom to choose any variable, not necessarily short.

  2. Instead to calculate penalty based only on code length, we should give some penalty to time and wrong submission.

Motive behind to organise such contest is to make contest interesting. If we are not obeying any codeforces' privacy policy, we are sorry for that. Feedback and Suggestions are always welcome.

Kudos to the Codedigger Team. Also We are launching new version of codedigger website soon. The newer version will contain a lot more useful features.

UPD 1 : Registration has been started. You can register here.

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By shivamsinghal1012, 10 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

I hope all is well!

" Which website to practice? " is always a confusing question for us. I felt the same when i started Competitive Programming.

Not to Worry now , i have created a website named Codedigger which will solve this problem and boost your confidence in Competitive Programming.


  • We have collected handpicked problems from top 4 coding platforms — Codeforces, Codechef, UVa and SPOJ , All at One Place.
  • A diversified List of Topics and before starting any topic you can also learn some amazing techniques on that topic through video editorials beforehand.
  • You can test your knowledge by a virtual contest based on a particular topic and a video editorials will also be provided so you won't get stuck and further learn new concepts.
  • You can also Practice Topic wise and Level wise in a Ladder Mode. (Formally, In a Ladder Mode you must solve all Easy Level Problems before being able to see next Problem) as well as in Normal Mode.

Do Register on to get started.

Thanks to Codeforces API , uHunt API , SPOJ and Codechef. These all are amazing Platforms.

Feedback and Suggestions are always welcome.

Feel free to ask your doubt in Comments or Join our Whatsapp Group for doubts discussions.

Share this to your friends also if you find this helpful.

UPDATE : Up-solving Made Easier. Upsolving ~ Solving problems after the end of the contest. Most of us forgot to do that or leave thinking will solve it later. Now You can Check Problems to Upsolve from past contest whether Rated or Virtual at one place. Must do these Problems. It will help you to increase your Rating.

UPD2 : Now you can see all your unsolved questions at one place. Also You can sort it by Rating. You can Improve your Competitive Programming skills only if you will able to find your mistake in wrong attempted Problems.

Try It Now on Codedigger. If you have any issue, contact me.

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