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Hello everyone!

We are proud to invite you all to CodeRed 2021, A flagship coding event of Aparoksha — The annual TechFest of IIIT Allahabad.

CodeRed 2021 will be a 3.5 hour-long team event with a maximum size of the team being 3 members. The participants need not be from the same college/institution/organization. You will be given eight problems of varying difficulty. CodeRed 2021 is scheduled for April 11-2021, at 14:30 IST.

CodeRed, Alkhwarizm (Rated for all CodeChef contest), and Humblefool cup (which happened on April 9th on Topcoder) are all among the flagship coding events of Aparoksha — Techincal fest of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad.

Last year, CodeRed 2020 had 958 registered teams, we are expecting higher participation this year. So, hurry up and get your team registered by filling up this form as the total prize money is worth INR 50,000.

I would like to thank jaketyler, nestedcode, k_tourist, unusual_wonder, akSingh and myself for wonderful problemsetting and testing of the round.

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By spidy7, 19 months ago, In English

Hello everyone!!

GeekHaven, the technical society of IIIT Allahabad is organizing its first open contest for the year 2020. The contest is prepared by the members of the competitive coding wing. This will be an individual contest and unrated for all and the problem set will consist of 5/6 problems of varying difficulty. If you have a knack for data structures and algorithms you will definitely like the contest.

The contest will be hosted on CodeChef and will start at 9:00 PM IST on 25th March. The contest duration will be 2.5 hrs.

Contest link: CodeInvicta

250 CodeChef laddus will be given to each of the top 3 winners.

The problems have been set and tested by Aakash Mehta — thunderbird001, Abhishek Garg — spidy7, Bhavya Girotra — pseudocoder10, Parmjeet Singh — tyler_jake, Samarth Mittal — sam_mit, Kumar Raju — Eunoia__1729

Editorials will be posted here after the contest

Hoping to see you all on the leaderboard!!

UPD — Subtasks are also included in some problems and the contest is about to begin in 15 minutes.

UPD — Thanks for the overwhelming response

Congratulations to the top 5 winners:

  1. Vivek1998299
  2. hitman623
  3. sdssudhu
  4. Ashishgup
  5. arknave

UPD : Link to the editorials

Divide them all
Back In 2 minutes!!
Find the XOR
Fairy Tales!!
Bring Positivity
Generous Raju

If you have any doubts regarding any editorial feel free to ask them in the comments :)

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