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Warning: Long sad problem below :(

A bit of background about me: I am a 10th grade student from India preparing for IOI...

Hello, my fellow coders,

I had a question in my mind. I know basic C++ STL, math (that's probably it!). I regularly take part in contests for 2 months as I have started CP 2 months back. Earlier I was able to do A and B in a Div 2 contest regularly. But now as I am giving more and more contests and trying to improve my skill-set and problem ratings, I am seeing a decline in my performance. I am not able to think of solutions to the problems. If I am able to think of them, I am sometimes not able to implement them...

I desperately want to improve myself. I feel very very demotivated every passing day... I know my questions are frustrating just like any other beginner but please bear with me. I practice every day for 2 hrs approximately. I am doing A ladder currently from this website (suggested by another great coder): After completing A I will move on to B one. I have no specific strategy to practice and improve my level. I am kinda testing shots in the dark. please help me. Also please tell me what strategies did you all follow to improve or increase your problem-solving capabilities in the comments. I will be obliged to read them. The last thing, I feel like I am not learning new things while practicing! I just practice and improve my implementation skills. But not learning new DS or Algo... Am I choosing the wrong problems? When I try to upsolve, I get stuck on a problem for 2 days. I watch youtube tutorial, editorial, ask friends still not able to solve it. I am not able to solve the problems I was not able to solve in the contest at all. IDK if I am still in my comfort zone... These were all the questions I had in my mind. Thanks for your time!

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