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The contest was postponed to 2019-01-06(Sun) 11:00-16:00 UTC.

Hello, Codeforces!

We will hold Educational DP Contest at AtCoder on Saturday.

About the Contest

This is an unofficial contest to practice DP (Dynamic Programming). We selected 26 DPs, mostly basic ones, and prepared a problem to learn each of them. Test your skills during the real contest, and brush them up after it ends.



The rules for ABC, ARC and AGC apply. The important points are:

  • This is an individual match; no teams allowed.
  • Revealing the solutions to others during the contest is prohibited.
  • The penalty for an incorrect submission is 5 minutes.


  • The problems may NOT be arranged in ascending order of difficulty.
  • There are many famous problems.
  • The contest is not intended for experts such as reds (anyone can compete, though).
  • It is recommended to use languages that are not too slow (such as C++ and Java).


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