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By sysjuruo, history, 4 weeks ago, In English,

Many participants use std::map in their codes.

If he used type int as the key, he will be hacked by this:

2 1 2
10 0 1000000000 999999999 999999998 999999997 999999996 999999995 999999994 999999993 589934621

Because (int)4294967296LL == 0

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By sysjuruo, history, 5 months ago, In English,

One day when I had my math class,I came up with an idea.But I found that I can't solve it.

After class I asked many people but they did't solve it too.

Here's the problem:

You are given a undirected weighted graph with n nodes and m edges.

You need to find a simple path from 1 to n to maximize the maximum value of edges in the path minus the minimum one.

A simple path means that you can't pass through one edge twice or more.

(I don't know how large n,m can be)

Update:Thanks to TimonKnigge,we can solve it in $$$O(m^2 \times n^3)$$$

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