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I read these blogs (ErdemKirez's blog , matthew99's blog and I_love_Hoang_Yen's blog ) and decided to write my story. Maybe it's becoming boring but there is no other place to share my feeling.

9th Grade

I joined the olympiad class at my school. And that year I studied math, basic C and some algorithms. Because in Turkey First round of the national contest consists of these topics. I did well on that, Probably I would be able to participate the Second round but as you know from the ErdemKirez's blog Coup d'état attempt happened and all of these rounds canceled. And also my school was closed the by government.

10th Grade

I went to another school. TUBITAK (Organizer of National Contests) did not announce for a long time for the contest. I stopped studying olympiad so that year I didn't improve my olympiad skills. Finally, TUBITAK announced the contest and I studied a short time and passed the first round. The Second and Third round will be released next year.

11th Grade

I changed my school again because at my previous school it was hard to study olympiad. At this year I studied hard and won a silver medal in National contest and I also was able to compete at the team selection contest. In team selection contest there were 6 problems and 2 days just like IOI. The first day of the contest I did well and became 3rd. I was very excited because my dream was becoming true. But the second day of the contest I couldn't solve the easiest problem and also there was a geometry problem and I couldn't get any score. At the and of 2 days I became 5th in the contest. There was 33 score between me and 4th person. I was very upset but I know I have one more chance.

12th Grade

In Turkey, there is an exam for university selection called YKS. It really needs to study for success. And I decided to not study that exam and I studied Olympiad again because in Turkey If you win a medal in IOI you will be able to go to any university you want. I see ErdemKirez as a role model (You can read his blog ). And the second contest happened I became 3rd and win a gold medal. There were more than 100 points between me and the 4th person. I was very happy because my score was great and everyone and also I think I will be on a team this year. Finally, Team selection contest happened last weekend. The first day of the contest There was 1 easy, 1 hard and 1 medium ( geometry ). I solved in 20 minutes the easy problem. It was a good start. After the whole contest, I couldn't get any score (I hate geometry :/). BTW geometry problem's tests were weak. Someone get scores which they didn't deserve it. I was 7th on the first day of the contest. Anyway, I had to do really good on the second day of the contest. The second day I solved 3 problems get 32 points from the last problem. I was second on that day. As a result, I became 5th again and there was just 3 (3/700) score between me and the 4th person :(((.

Now I have no chance to participate in IOI. My all IOI dreams were gone. (:////) I know the lack of my geometry skills is my fault. But I am very upset about missing the IOI chance two times cause of geometry. Btw I will go to TOBB university(They have a scholarship for national medalist) like ErdemKirez. Maybe I and Erdem will make a team and study for ACM next year. But my motivation has gone.

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Hi everyone,

Today I came across with this problem :

There is a rabbit on the floor of the stairs. Stairs have 3 steps, Rabbit can jump 1 or 2 steps. What is the probability of going to third step from the floor without visiting second step ?

Yeah I know its very easy to see there are 3 possible ways to go to 3 from the floor :

  1. floor -> 1 -> 2 -> 3
  2. floor -> 1 -> 3 ( This is the case we want).
  3. floor -> 2 -> 3

So the answer must be .


Ok everything seems right. But if we represent this problem as a graph , In first step we must choose between 1 or 2 so the probability to go 1 is equal to . In second step we must choose between 2 or 3 so the probability to go 3 is equal to . So the overall the probability is equal to . Second solution have some differences from the first solution but I couldn't figure out what it is.

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What is the upper bound of total number of divisors of divisors of a number ?

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