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The list of IDEs available for the IOI contest has been online for a while now Link.

Sadly, as geniucos pointed out in his blog, Code::Blocks — the only full IDE made for C++ (autocomplete, debug, run and a GUI ok out-of-the-box) is really unstable on Ubuntu, and the IOI tech team offers no support for it.

The only other full IDE compatible with C++ seems to be Eclise, written in and for Java, but a nice C++ IDE, after the necessary add-in are installed (the CDT add-in — C++ Development Tools).

Note that the official webpage clearly states 'Eclipse 4.11 (+ JDT & CDT 9.8)'.

I downloaded the VM for testing the OS we will use, and either I don't know how to activate CDT for Eclipse, either it was not installed, as I was unable to create any C++ project:

This is a screen shoot of the virtual machine with Eclipse offering no option to create a C++ project. I searched in the settings for "C++" keyword but found nothing.

Below a picture of my version of Eclipse with CDT installed:

Is there a secret option I don't know about, is the VM not up-to-date or is the IDEs list just wrong?

For any IOI current/former participant, what IDE do you recommend the most and why?

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