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Dear programmers,

A large amount of areas in Bangladesh are flooded. Thousands of people are working to support the vicitms.

We the competitive programmers want to help too, but through a slightly new way.

We will arrange a conetst on Toph.co on 19:00 Bangladesh Time (UTC+6 hours).

Contestants will pay a small amount of money which will directly go to the victims.

This is something new, because Bangladeshi conetstants have no experience in paid online contests :p
We are used to do it free, whatever the contest is (ICPC regional or anything else).

The scoring will be in ICPC format.
We personally contacted a few problem setters.
Still didn't get any reply. Besides they are very busy too.
And there are some consecutive contests in Bangladesh including ACM-ICPC Dhaka Site Preliminary contest.

So we decided not to disturb them.
But as the event info is public we expect they can see that.
And if some of them ping us eagerly, we will be pleased to receive their problems.

So, actually I am here to invite you to help us providing with some problems.
We know it's not an easy job and we have only a few days in hand.
But if you have some problems in your list, or if you could help writing a new one, we would be very grateful.
This will help the flood victims somehow.

N.B.: We don't invite the conetstants to send money to us. They can send the money to any group, any people who will take that to the victims.

Thanks for your time :)

Facebook Event Page

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By whoisshihab, history, 5 years ago, In English

Problem 1:
5114 — Christmas Play
My solution
Problem 2:
5113 — Cookie Piles
My solution
I am getting Wrong Answer in both of the problems.
I would be grateful if you could give me any counter test case where my code fails.
Thank you :)

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By whoisshihab, history, 5 years ago, In English

It seems like user prithviraj7 registered 46 years ago. :p I want to know how Codeforces scans the time when a user registers. Yeah it's not an important issue but it surprised me when I noticed it first time.

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