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By winterfire, 4 weeks ago, In English

Problem :

My submissions:
- Using Vectors:
- Using Arrays :

Can anyone help me in determining the root cause for the TLE verdict? The inspiration of using Arrays instead of Vectors came from :

EDIT: Using a struct matrix instead of a 2D array gave AC. Code :

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By winterfire, history, 7 weeks ago, In English

Yes, that's right. Don't you just love to see another "How to become a Candidate Master" blog lighten up the monotony, that is Recent actions?

Before we begin, I'll be plugging some useful blogs so you can choose to ignore these and make your own variant of "How/When/Why to become a Candidate Master/Expert/Newbie/LGM/Negative rated"! God knows we are aching to see it.

So, to elaborate on the blog title, is there a sure shot way of becoming a Candidate Master? Will the following checklist (feel free to add onto it) help others like me become a CM or would it be just another spell of being a hard-stuck expert?

  1. CSES, except for the sections of Advanced techniques, Additional problems, Geometry.
  2. Cursory glance of the CP 3 by Steven Halim, and Guide to CP by Antti Laaksonen
  3. USACO Silver & Gold.
  4. Pray to Ad-hoc forces and Speedforces gods?

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By winterfire, history, 3 months ago, In English

Dear MikeMirzayanov,

This is to inform you that the timings of Codeforces Round #793 (Div. 2) conflict with the final matchday of The Premier League. To give you some context, The Premier League is a worldwide televised event showcasing the top division of English football, and the final matchday is set to conclude one of the most enthralling seasons ever. We've got the title, top 4, Europa League qualification , and relegation battle on the line. I wouldn't bother making a blog post about rescheduling a Codeforces event which is equally as important, if not for this momentous occasion. To back this proposition, I'd like to highlight the fact that a fair share of the Codeforces community is an avid fan of the sport. I suppose I wouldn't be wrong in saying that the community would appreciate the rescheduling of CF#793. Let me know what you think about this!


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