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By wipabe58, history, 16 months ago, In English

This is not educational , but something much more important

So , I was chilling with some of my classmates , and then all of a sudden , one of them drops a roast on me doing Competitive ...

Now I was quiet up until this point , but you don't roast CP son ...

I tried to roast him back , but then I realised that almost everyone started dropping roasts after roasts on me doing programming ...

Now , I can't reply to all of them cause the only roasts I know are joe mama's or the pythagorean roasts ....

Every time I see their roasts , I can't help but think of using a brain bleach ...

If anyone can come up with any roasts on Non CP people are for someone who loves history and politics , please comment ... I need at least 7

It's time we show them what we got ....

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By wipabe58, 16 months ago, In English

So I was viewing someone's progress chart , and this happened

Now as far as I know , Codeforces is only 10 years old , but it showed the user's latest rating on year 1970

Is this a use case or something like that

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