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Me and a couple of friends (victorsenam, gabrielrc) developed a telegram bot to list upcoming contests. The bot lists the main contests from Codeforces, Topcoder, Codechef, CSAcademy and AtCoder!

Checkout the bot here!

You can use /upcoming to list upcoming contests, and the bot will also remind you 1 day and 1 hour before each contest (this can be enabled and disabled using /start and /stop)


Now you can add you Codeforces handles and get notifications for rating changes in CF rounds. Use /help_handles to get info on how to add handles.

The code is available on GitHub. Send us your pull requests!

Any comments and bug-reports are appreciated :)

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Hi! I'm trying to use Polygon to create some problems, but I'm having difficulties running the code on my machine (Linux, not Windows). I downloaded the Package on Polygon, and there are several scripts (do-all, gen-answer, ...), but no instruction on how to use them. I tried the Help page on the Polygon website, but the link is broken. do-all seems to generate all the tests, but I don't know how to test some code my friends wrote. If it wasn't clear, I have an a.cpp file, and I want to test if it is a correct solution. Is there something on Polygon that helps with that? Or should I do this manually? (And if so, how can I do it safely so some code doesn't mess up my machine?)

Any help or links would be great.

Thank You!

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