if(curIdx == n && rd != m+1) return ans = 1; if(curIdx==n) return 0; can u plz explaint these lines?

can someone explain problem e solution plz

can someone provide testcases of problem e..i am getting runtime error on 2 testcases. i am trying to build a tree by first using the m edges(using dsu and then dfs) given and then for every query i find the max value on that path b/w those two nodes . if value of query is greater than max then i print no else yes..

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plz upload the testcases of abc 235 problem e

can u plz explain ur approach in detail?

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can somebody explain d in detail after subtracting x what is to be done?

can u explain ur soln?

can someone tell how to solve c?

how to solve e?

can someone explain solution of problem c?