Comments Why is by blog downvoted and your upvoted? I’m so confused.

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Why am I downvoted while I says a subset of your idea?

On _A_W_M_Codejam round1B, 3 months ago

If you have to use products of 64 bit numbers which cannot be done in long long, it is your problem.

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Indian says that banning codeforces won’t affect them! Let’s do it

On neekoAbout cheaters, 6 months ago

Why are you sorry? They are clearly from India, nothing wrong to state that.

On neekoAbout cheaters, 6 months ago

Indians can influx atcoder as much as possible and I don't give a shit. Atcoder has no discussion system indians can not bother anyone.

OK, so we agree then

You should note that the contest writers are the first to make a god post. And the contest WAS BAD.

Great idea! I considered posting the same before. What about even better, there could be multiple boards or types of content (e.g. Educational, Announcement, Feature and Development etc.) where people post, and we can choose the ones we like to browse. This way the content you see will be better in quality, and I believe this will make Codeforces community system better.

How much did they pay you?

100000 Indian Rupee, around 1300$

  1. Why would anyone want to engage in such a class which asks for 15% of your salary for TWO YEARS?
  2. What happens if you doesn't pay them?