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Dear Friends!

If you dream of realizing your ideas in new technologies and products used by a third part of the world's population — join Honorcup Marathon. It will be an unrated round for individual participation, as well as for teams of up to three people.

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You will develop new method for determining blood pressure. The standard procedure for measuring blood pressure requires about a minute, during which the cuff compresses the artery in the hand. Since the procedure is relatively sophisticated, simpler methods of blood pressure estimation are potentially of great value. We suggest that you learn how to determine blood pressure based on the data from optical methods to determine changes in blood volume in the finger. Perhaps, your proposal will be implemented in one of Huawei products, and thereby help users reduce the risks of heart and vascular diseases!

At stake: high paid internships in Moscow, St. Petersburg or China (including transportation & accommodation expenses if needed). Also we have 9 smartphones for top 9 results:

  • 1-3 place: Huawei P20 Pro
  • 4-6 place: Huawei P20
  • 7-9 place: Honor 10

And, of course, TOP 30 participants will get T-shirts with Honorcup Marathon logo!

We accept solutions before 4th October, 19.59.59, Msc time. Winners will be awarded on 20th of October during the opening ceremony of 1/4 ICPC 2018 in Nagatino, Msk.

We will ask winners to provide the source code and description of the solution; the details can be discussed in a phone call. In case of reasonable doubt about the violation of the rules, we reserve the right to transfer the prize to the next participant. Thank you for understanding!

Don’t miss your chance!

Good luck to all!

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Announcement of Huawei Honorcup Marathon 1
Announcement of Huawei Honorcup Marathon 1
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