114. Telecasting station

time limit per test: 0.25 sec.
memory limit per test: 4096 KB

Every city in Berland is situated on Ox axis. The government of the country decided to build new telecasting station. After many experiments Berland scientists came to a conclusion that in any city citizens displeasure is equal to product of citizens amount in it by distance between city and TV-station. Find such point on Ox axis for station so that sum of displeasures of all cities is minimal.


Input begins from line with integer positive number N (0<N<15000) – amount of cities in Berland. Following N pairs (X, P) describes cities (0<X, P<50000), where X is a coordinate of city and P is an amount of citizens. All numbers separated by whitespace(s).


Write the best position for TV-station with accuracy 10-5.

Sample Input

1 3
2 1
5 2
6 2

Sample Output


Author: Michael R. Mirzayanov
Resource: PhTL #1 Training Contests
Date: Fall 2001