Who is Vic torPa iu and why should he be stopped?

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After the legendary battle with Vic Torvo Rona, the clear superior person was found — Vic torPa iu. Even though he stopped Vic Torvo Rona's terror of the Moldovian lands, we thought we were saved. BUT NO! NOW WE HAVE A NEW TERRORIST IN OUR LANDS and THAT IS VIC TORPA IU. I ask you to help me stop him. You might ask how I, a stupid newbie can help save a whole country, well, it's easy -- all Moldova needs is 1 upvote and 1 share from each one of you.

Together we are stronger! Together we can stop him!

How our true leader Marian Soltan always tells us: "Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.". WORDS TO LIVE BY!!!

Thank you for your support. And remember even though you support Moldova, you should also support Botswana.


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