Call for Tasks

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inzva invites the competitive programming community to help create the problem set for the Turkish Programming Contest 2022.

The Turkish Programming Contest is a two-round, team-based contest in collaboration with our community-based competitive programming platform, algoleague. It is open to all undergraduates studying in Turkey and who are willing to compete in teams of three.

The qualification round, Online Programming Contest (OPC), will be held online on July 30, while the final round, Turkish Programming Contest (TPC), will be held onsite in Beykoz Kundura on September 18.

The focus of a task is typically to design and implement an efficient and correct algorithm. We are looking for tasks of varying difficulties (ranging from simple yet interesting and motivating tasks to problems of ICPC difficulty).

Submit your problem from the form below and share your problems with us to contribute to the algoleague. Note that briefly explaining your problem and solution will be sufficient at this stage. If the committee selects your problem, they will get in touch with you as soon as possible about the following procedures, which would be preparing strong test cases, a detailed editorial, and a suitable story for the problem.

Form to share problems:

Submitted tasks must be original and unused before TPC'22. They must be kept confidential until the date of TPC 22. A total of 20 tasks will be selected and used at the competition.

The minimum submission should contain:

  • author's contact details (name, affiliation, email)
  • task description in English
  • solution sketches etc.

It is recommended for the task submission also to contain:

  • solutions in C++, Java, or any major programming language
  • suggestions for grading
  • test data or descriptions of how to generate it
  • any additional comments, motivation, and alternative statements.
  • editorial
  • latex format

If the idea is unique and you successfully complete all the work that includes preparing a statement, a detailed editorial, and strong test cases, algoleague will award you depending on the problem’s difficulty level.

Easy — 25$
Medium — 50$
Hard — 75$
Advanced — 90$
Expert — 100$


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