why pythone(3.2) is so bad languagle of c++(19.2.1)

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thx for thank you helping maxan

now i guess u know that python call before c++. for promise that u can check my departutar in my profile businessmemq its so hard to do sum problem on pythone because its so slowly and worry me....... BUT C++ its so faster and bigger problem maker!!! for example i submit problem 'арбуз' on c++ by 0.00001 sec and pythone do this in 000.5 SEC!!!  and pythone so hard to use in do computer games before c++. all cheats for cs:go do on c++ because pythone call(bad). i belive u like this post its my first post and i will do very this in futere. thakn and good buy) _its my vk social network page https://vk.com/mertvec18_ write me pls if u hawe sum quiestons. ty for reading and dont worry))


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