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GeeksforGeeks Hiring for various roles

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Hello Codeforces family ! GeeksforGeeks is currently hiring for various roles and opportunities.

Member of Technical Staff (Practice Team)

  • Role Type: Full Time In-Office Job Opportunity
  • About Role: GeeksforGeeks is looking for a Member of Technical Staff who possess a knack for Problem Solving to join their Practice Team. You will be working on creating, planning and managing DSA content and events for GFG Practice. You will also be expected to work closely with various stakeholders to improve the platform and execute content driven projects.
  • Apply Here link

Technical Content Writer

  • Role Type: Remote Part Time Internship
  • Duration: 3 months (extendable based on performance)
  • About Role: GeeksforGeeks is looking for a Technical Content Writer who will be responsible for writing and reviewing editorials for our DSA problems. Payment will be calculated based on the number of editorials you write/review. A fixed rate card will be followed for this.
  • Apply Here link

Problem Setter

  • Role Type: Remote Internship
  • Duration: 3 months (extendable based on performance)
  • About Role : GeeksforGeeks is looking for a computer science enthusiast who can create and test problems based on data structures and algorithms.
  • Apply Here link
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