Fully functional free music bot for Competitive Programmer.

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Hi codeforces!


This blog is about a free product that I want to share to everybody.

About 18 months ago I started to learn CP, from then I usually practice the problems 6 hours a day while listening to my favourite song via discord. I used the Maki discord bot:


The quality was good, but I cannot shuffle or pause the music, which is a bit uncomfortable for me. And I found out that every music bot out there is lack of some purpose, as they are premium features.

So I decided to make a new one.


It is a fully-functional discord for playing music. And it does not just play music!


The music functions are all-free, as well as other functions, which is in developing. As my purpose is to make a free bot for everyone, there will be no premium features.

You can invite the bot here:

Short link
Long link

If you like the product, buy me a coffee via


Sorry for my bad English, hope you will enjoy it.

From Hanoi with a little wind.

Best regards,



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