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Hello, CodeForces and especially admins!

Being into CP from February I have seen many blog posts. And many of them are either educative or interesting for me, therefore I want to keep them somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, as of now, here at CodeForces, we don't have such opportunity and in my opinion it is really important gap to fill. To keep track of some blog posts I have to add to my friend list particular blog writers. However after some time it is hard to remember who is who and what he had posted.

My suggestion — it can be anything starting from "Favorite" section ending with a storage in our profile where we could save and keep important posts for each of us. It will be a huge improvement for CodeForces in my opinion and obviously it'll help a great number of CP competitors.

Spread this word, suggest your ideas down in the comments! I have high hopes that this message will be heard out, have a great one!

For those who didn't know it already exists — check the first comment, I guess it is not that well known or I simply wasnt aware of it for some reason. You can click on a star near the upvote and downvote buttons and on the right side in your "profile" square (above the rating) will appear "Favorites".

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