Opinion: Don't Waste Problems on Div 2

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History Lesson

Let's take a look at the solve count for the last problems in the last 4 division 2 contests:

803 (Div. 2): F (7 official solves); G (2 official solve)

802: E (18 official solves): F (11 official solves)

801: E (1 official solve)

Edu 130: F (2 official solves)

There's a trend. The last and hardest div2 problem frequently has very few official solves. This means that the last problem, despite taking a lot of time to create, doesn't really affect rankings that much. The authors spent much time for a problem that didn't make a big difference. But it would've made a difference in div1.

Personally, I think that it's okay if 20 or even 30 people AK a div2 round, so it's okay to have 20-30 people solving the last problem. Then, you can take those hard problems and insert them into a div1 round. That way, we can have more contests.

Basically, make div2 last problems a little easier, that way we can save those hard problems for another contest.

What do you think?


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