Competitive Programming Panda: The Story (Prologue)

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Maybe you have watched the classic Kung Fu Panda movie. Well, today we introduce the Competitive Programming version! Let me present to you the cast...

jiangly (based off of Master Po)

The hero of our story, jiangly is the prophesied Dragon Warrior, and the bright young future of competitive programming. He has risen to the highest levels of this ancient activity, and has faced many obstacles and enemies on his way.

Errichto (based off of Master Shifu)

The famous coach and youtuber, Errichto represents a father figure to many young and energetic competitive programmers. Many have learned the ancient ways from his Youtube channel.

MikeMirzayanov (based off of Mr. Ping, Po's dad)

Mr. Mike runs the establishment known as "Codeforces". Many elite competitive programmers go here to train, hone their craft, or simply to hang out and read blog posts like this.

Robert Tarjan (based off of Grand Master Oogway)

The esteemed elder of competitive programming, and one of the greatest pure computer scientists of all time. Many of the finest masters literally worship at his shrine (the Linear Offline LCA Temple), and hold sacred his famous analysis of Union Find's inverse ackermann time complexity.

tourist (based off of Master Tigress)

The leader of the elite group of competitive programmers called the "Furious Five", tourist is famous for his legendary speed, extreme skill, and no-nonsense approach to problem solving. He is widely considered the greatest of them all.

Benq (based off of Master Mantis)

Benq is a famous master, who uses his sharp mandibles to tear apart 3500 level math problems as if they were nothing!

Um_nik (based off of Tai Lung)

The villain of our story, Umnik is known for his deep knowledge of data structures written in blackened grimoires of ancient evil! His minions at the Umnik Training Center are deadly foes to the protagonists of our story.

YOU AND ME (based off of the rabbits)

That's right, WE ALL have a role to play in this epic story! Actaully, your role is to stand there, look cute, and generate revenue for the movie franchise.

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