Newbies'/Pupils' constant dillemma. (Advice for people rated below expert )

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So I come across many newbies and pupils seeking advice regarding how to practice , what to follow etc . So finally I have taken time and compiled my thoughts over this on a google doc Click here for the doc.

If your graph looks something like this , then you can relate. You can ask more of your queries in comments , I will try to answer them as well. You can suggest edits also if any. Hope this helps.

Edit : So people are asking to check their profile in comments and some in dm , so the whole purpose of this blog was to answer all these common doubts because answering them seperately is not very feasable , I guess the doc is considering all such newbie / pupil profiles , so just go through the doc you will find your answers. ( Most people do common mistake i.e they solve > 100 800s or 900 but dont have 30 1400s. Solve more in range 1300-1600 atleast 40 each .


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