Screencasts of Codeforces Round #824 (Div. 2) and AtCoder Regular Contest 149

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Today there were two nice contests in a row: AtCoder Regular Contest 149 and Codeforces Round #824 (Div. 2). I participated in both of them.

  1. My participation in AtCoder Regular Contest 149 was quite a failure, I neither speedforced nor solved any of the harder problems. The video is already on my channel:

  2. My participation in Codeforces Round #824 (Div. 2) wasn't a failure, I even finished second! (And this is my by far the most successful participation in an unrated round.) The video is uploaded but still processing, so soon you will be able to watch it. As always, a nice bonus is a detailed editorial in the end of the video:

Subscriptions, comments, likes, watches and other ways of expressing feedback are welcome!

UPD. Now both videos are watchable. Enjoy!

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