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In "General Settings" there exists an option to hide problem tags, which is helpful when upsolving because tags often reveal approaches to the problem. The issue is that problem rating is also a tag, which will also be hidden if such "hide tags" option is enabled. Many times I follow a link to a task to upsolve. I would like to see the rating of the task to decide if it is worth my time or not, especially, if it is much too difficult. But because I hide tags, I cannot see the rating. I have to try and find the task in the problemset, or I have to disable the "hide tags" option and try not to look at the tags alongside the rating. Both these approaches are tedious. I just want to see problem's rating without the tags.

I suggest that a separate option to "hide problem rating" should be provided, and "hide problem tags" will not hide problem ratings.

I think this is a helpful improvement, because I know that visiting a problem from a separate link is not just something I am doing. Hopefully this suggestion is implemented.

Edit: this change seems to have receive some general support. Hopefully MikeMirzayanov will see this suggestion.

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