Mashups for Aspiring IMs.

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Merry christmas 🎄 and Happy new year Codeforces! 🎊

In continuation to my previous blog, I am planning to start a new initiative on this new year. That is, "Mashups for Aspiring International Masters", as I have finally reached orange.

I am glad to invite you to my practice mashups, which I am going to start from today. It is mainly prepared for those who aspire to become International Masters (be it masters, candidates, experts, div 2 guys, div 3 guys, div 4 guys, or even an inactive grandmaster). So, the mashups will have mostly 2100+ rated problems.

I will share the mashup links through the comments of this blog, so that everyone can access it, you can also ask doubts in the sub-comments, I will be happy to answer it. Excited to see you guys at the standings.

Good luck & have fun!

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