Cheaters on Codeforces [Rant and Info]

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Hi there! let's talk of the misinformation — "A good coding profile gets you a good job"

I see many freshers believing it (I don't know if it's specific to India but most of the people I've seen are from India). People need to understand that this is plain and simple flawed logic. The argument that people cracking good jobs generally tend to have good cp profiles is still valid the reason is that those people were good at problem solving and hence also had a good cp profile (not the other way round); so stop drawing conclusions which satisfy your bias.

I see people selling cp accounts on telegrams. What good is it? you're just wasting your time, money and energy in these shitty stuff, I tried educating people on this but they seem to be strongly attached to the myth. I myself am working in Microsoft and a lot of my friends/classmates are in Google, Amazon, Nvidia etc. and they too could vouch for the fact that a good cp profile would never ever fetch you a job. However a good cp profile technically would mean that you have good coding skills (If you have not been a cheater ofcourse). So I request you to not fall into this trap.

With that we already know why people want to get good cp profiles. but what about the others who are actually selling cp profiles, or leaking solutions on youtube? They are just here for money! For instance I started my Youtube channel [for helping people with editorials post contests] and have seen other channels whose sole motive is to share solutions during live contests. Guess what? they have far more reach/views/subs than my channel although it takes 0 efforts to do such things. So the people who are actually selling such stuff are not foolish but it's you [the ones who are buying/watching such shit] being the real fools. Please get out of this mentality! Be a good coder and not a good cheater. There's a shortage of good coders, but abundance of good cheaters.

Thanks for hearing this rant! if you have any doubts you can ping me here or comment down.

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